Stronger not Smaller (per se)

You might remember I blogged a while back about how great 2012 was treating me. I discussed four of my 2012 goals and the progress I had made with each of them. One goal was to lose 15 pounds by April, I lost 12! I didn’t reach my goal but I was determined not to be discouraged. I set another goal to get down to 145 lbs. by my birthday, but that didn’t quite happen either. Again, I was only a few pounds off around 148. I just can’t seem to stay active and eat right around my birthday. The lure of cake and laziness is too strong for me to fight. Anyway, right after my birthday I said I was going to jump right back on track and hit my goal (145 lbs.) by July 13th (as I have a trip planned for that weekend). If you couldn’t tell I love goals, as a self-aware procrastinator they are necessary.

Even though I had been making progress, I realized I needed a new approach – a new outlook, if you will. You see I, like most women, have always been focused on cardio, cardio, cardio! I mean I did some “lifting” in my Body Works/Body Sculpting group gym classes and when I have hired a trainer in the past I’ve used the weight machines. So I know that having strong muscles is important. However, I had previously fell victim to the idea of low weight, high reps being the key to “toning”. Isn’t that what they who they hell are they anyway always tell women?

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Day 1: 31 Day Reset

As I mentioned yesterday I am taking @happyblackwoman up on her 31 Day Reset Challenge. Below is the assignment for Day 1 and below that is

Day 1 Assignment

The following three-part exercise will help to prepare you fully for the month ahead. Estimated Time to Complete: 30-45 minutes

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Hitting the Reset Button

I am constantly surprised by how much I enjoy twitter. Despite my initial reservations of putting all kinds of information out there for everyone to read (I had the same thoughts about FB and blogging), it might be my favorite form of social media. I really enjoy my weekly chats with e-friends, staying up on what’s going on with my favorite celebs, following my favorite food trucks and wading through tons of useless information.

I think my favorite things is being able to gain different perspectives and learn new things from other people who have totally different (and sometimes) similar views. Some are self-proclaimed experts, other are degreed, others still just tell it like that see it.

I’m not sure which category Happy Black Woman falls but I enjoy her tweets. She describes herself as a writer, speaker, trainer and coach, who firmly believes in the power of personal and professional development to transform people’s lives. It seems monthly on her blog she issues at 31 day Reset Your Life Challenge and it seems monthly I forget to sign up. Well not this month. May is the month that I will take the challenge! I urge you to join me. Head on over to the Happy Black Woman blog and sign up. It starts today!


I have no idea what this challenge entails, but I plan to come here hopefully daily but at least weekly to share my progress during this challenge.

2012 New Year, New You – Exercise

First up……. Ramon “The Trainer” Terry and his company My Formula 360 have issued a 66 day fitness challenge, Formula66. Almost everyone resolves to be healthier or lose weight, so here’s a simple one. Below is the challenge:

WHAT is Formula66: 66 consecutive days of exercise.

WHY 66 days: It takes 66 consecutive days of an activity to create a habit. The hardest thing about having an active lifestyle or sticking to a weight loss program is the effort it takes to exercise. Life, work, stress, kids, etc, has made exercise a low or non priority resulting in chronic lazyness!
Formula66 is a plan to turn your lazy habit into an active lifestyle. This is not a diet it’s an effort to rewire your brain and majorly change your body in the process. Once you get over this 66 day hump you’ll never go back!

Yup, that’s it! Basically just get out and get 30 min of exercise daily for the next 66 days. Even though this technically began on Monday, January 2nd, it’s not to late to start! Like My Formula 360‘s page on Facebook for the daily reminders, tips and exercises. You can also follow My Formula 360 on twitter!

I am committed this and I’m proud to say I’ve yet to miss a day, yes I’m aware it’s only day 4. LOL Start strong, finish strong, RIGHT?!

I’ve checked my gym’s class schedule and am working on some back up plans for the inevitable day I can’t make the gym. Everyday may not be a full workout, but I intend to break a sweat daily whether it’s walking the dog or taking the stairs.

Next learn what to let go and what to control.

The Challenge

So yesterday on the Tom Joyner Morning Show Paul Carrick Brunson, the real life Hitch, issued a challenge to all women. The challenge…to ask out 10 men by January 1st. On the surface this seems easy enough and a nice challenge to help women break out of their shell and approach men.

So this isn't ten guys but I had to do something to catch your attention

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