My Confusing Labor Day Weekend

I first mentioned Mr. Off Limits in Out of the Blue and then again in Your Ex’s Friend. Still I’ll give you a short intro to the “grayness” which is Mr. Off Limits and I. A recap… Mr. Off Limits is a friend of a guy I used to hang out with, 90% of our friendship happens on Facebook where we sickeningly flirt on each others wall, most of our mutual friends think we’re an item, we’ve been asked when are we going to stop playing and hook up, and prior to this trip we’ve never spent ANY time alone together. I’ve always thought we were playing with our flirting. For example, “our song” (currently) is Lupe’s “Outta My Head” so he may post on my wall “girl I wantcha to know, I can’t get ya outta my head ;-)” and I may comment “you know I love it when you sing to me”. Sometimes it’s a bit naughtier like his status may read “I found a gray hair” and I’ll comment “where? ;-)” He posted a while back to my wall “will you be my e-girlfriend?” and I said yes so we are officially e-boos. lol Still with the exception of a few parties, since we’ve never spent any real-time together we seemed to just be eflirting . Queue this Labor Day weekend.

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Do nice guys really finish last?

So this will probably be a short post. Ladies, we’ve all heard guys say that we pass over the good guys for the bad boys. I’ve always argued that this isn’t true. Still the fellas always insist that “nice guys finish last”

Well, I just got in from a first date with one of the guys I met at The Man Hunt. He seemed like a nice guy at the event; walked me to my car, saw me off and called to make sure I got home. We’ve talked a couple of times after that on the phone and the conversation was lacking. Still I thought it best not to write him off, so today when he suggested dinner I thought “sure, why not?”

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