Ten Things About Tip

So I’m in a sharing mood…so I decided to make a list of some of my quirks to help y’all get to know me a little bit:

  1. I’m a nail biter…well I used to be, my nails are actually quite long. However, I’ve moved on to my cuticles. It’s a nasty habit that I haven’t been able to shake
  2. I love my doggie. Not sure if I’ve talked about that here, but I do. He is spoiled rotten YES I’m one of those people! he has coats, sweaters, shirts, several leashes, a few carriers, and a car seat.
  3. My favorite is season is summer because even though I love autumn it just reminds me how soon winter, my least favorite season, will be here.
  4. I dislike winter so much that I actually wonder if I suffer from seasonal depression. The only thing that saves winter is Christmas and a week off work.
  5. I look exactly like my mother. I don’t see it, neither does she,  but  I finally stop arguing after a friend of mine saw my mother, whom she never met, walking around campus and walked up to her said “you’re Tip’s mom, she’s in my class I’ll take you to her“…umm yeah like I said exactly like her.
  6. Looking back I’ve only had one long-term relationship and that was with my ex husband. I think I’m relationally challenged.
  7. I’ve started a bucket list about a year ago. It is quite long, so I still have several  left to check off.
  8. I love my iPhone. I’m never without it. I’m like the iPhone go to person at my job (which doesn’t say much) and amongst my friends but I’m a nerd about my phone
  9. I LOVE concerts!!! I’ve been to 7 this year and really want to squeeze in at just one more. This doesn’t include the numerous local shows that feature live bands.
  10. I suck at writing but I enjoy writing this blog.

Simple Joys of Life

Cloud shapes

Elephant Cloud

Happy FRIDAY everybody!!!! I wanted to end (well really begin since this is the first post of the week) on a happy note.

I ran across this list on Yahoo Shine one day last year and I posted it to my facebook notes to remind me of the small simple pleasures in life. So I thought I’d share it here as well since my first two posts were sorta rants and I want y’all to know I’m happy and ish! I’ve bolded my favorites. Enjoy!  Continue reading