5 Sucky Things That Come With Being Single

While I was brainstorming about blog topics yesterday, I listed a pair of topics Reasons I Love Being Single and Reasons I Hate Being Single.* Anyway, this topic shot up to the top of the list when I got home yesterday and was confronted the biggest bug ever!!! Don’t believe me?? I present to you Exhibit A:

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Follow your heart???

High jump the broom like a premie out the womb, My patna yelling "too soon, don't do it! Reconsider, read some literature on the subject. You sure? F@ck it!"


So I’m sitting here watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta and tonights episode is all mainly about Cynthia’s wedding. And as I watch the show with all of my cyber friends via facebook and twitter, I notice that my wall and timeline are filled with nothing but “It’s not too late”, “She’s making a mistake”,”That stopnsign shot was telling”, “Her shirt (which read “you big dummy) says it all”, ‘”How many signs does she need?” etc…. Continue reading