Do nice guys really finish last?

So this will probably be a short post. Ladies, we’ve all heard guys say that we pass over the good guys for the bad boys. I’ve always argued that this isn’t true. Still the fellas always insist that “nice guys finish last”

Well, I just got in from a first date with one of the guys I met at The Man Hunt. He seemed like a nice guy at the event; walked me to my car, saw me off and called to make sure I got home. We’ve talked a couple of times after that on the phone and the conversation was lacking. Still I thought it best not to write him off, so today when he suggested dinner I thought “sure, why not?”

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4 Questions from The Man Hunt…

So if you read my post on Wednesday about The Man Hunt. You know that I attended a singles event last weekend and you also know that I participated in a panel discussion, called “The 3 stools”.

The 3 stools started with three women being selected from the crowd, one in her 20’s, I was forced selected to represent for the 30s and another in her 40’s. The guest expert Charmaine led the Q&A starting with the by questioning the women, allowing the crowd to comment as well. A short intermission followed and the stools were swapped out for 3 men and another discussion ensued.

Sadly because I waited nearly a week to write this post I’ve already forgotten some of what was discussed, but I did leave with some questions that I like to pose to you.

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The Man Hunt: An Event Review

I made a decision to do more things (in general) in 2011. Each year I think of all the events, festivals, parties, trip, etc I miss out on. This is partly due to the fact that I just can’t be everywhere, but also due to the fact that I don’t make it a point to get out and try new things. Living in an urban environment often provides you with a plethora of entertainment options. As a result you either end up being extremely social by trying different events weekly or you find a few events you truly enjoy and you develop a routine. I tend to lean towards the latter, hence my deliberate effort to do new things in this year.

So last weekend I hit up a fairly new event here in Atlanta, The Man Hunt. The Man Hunt is the brainchild of the creators of PlayDate. The website describes the concept as “an event where singles meet up to enjoy quality conversation, cocktail and entertainment all while making genuine connections.” Now in the past I’ve tried to avoid these kinds of events. I’ve always associated a negative connotation to these sorts of singles gatherings (speed dating, matchmaking, etc). My thought was that they consisted of desperate women trying to find a man and men who know this and show up to take advantage. I mean, after all they called it “The Man Hunt”. What does that sound like?

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Expectations in Dating

As I was reading a post by WiseDiva (AJC Relationships/Dating Blogger, her opening statement reads “I am fully aware that I can be a hopeless romantic at times.”  Suddenly it hit me!!! One of the reasons I’m single may be because I want to be romanced, courted, wooed. Basically I have what I think so many women have lost….EXPECTATIONS. Yeah I said it, I have expectations, it’s NOT a dirty word.

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