Hitting the Reset Button

I am constantly surprised by how much I enjoy twitter. Despite my initial reservations of putting all kinds of information out there for everyone to read (I had the same thoughts about FB and blogging), it might be my favorite form of social media. I really enjoy my weekly chats with e-friends, staying up on what’s going on with my favorite celebs, following my favorite food trucks and wading through tons of useless information.

I think my favorite things is being able to gain different perspectives and learn new things from other people who have totally different (and sometimes) similar views. Some are self-proclaimed experts, other are degreed, others still just tell it like that see it.

I’m not sure which category Happy Black Woman falls but I enjoy her tweets. She describes herself as a writer, speaker, trainer and coach, who firmly believes in the power of personal and professional development to transform people’s lives. It seems monthly on her blog she issues at 31 day Reset Your Life Challenge and it seems monthly I forget to sign up. Well not this month. May is the month that I will take the challenge! I urge you to join me. Head on over to the Happy Black Woman blog and sign up. It starts today!


I have no idea what this challenge entails, but I plan to come here hopefully daily but at least weekly to share my progress during this challenge.


One comment on “Hitting the Reset Button

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