My major shoe haul!!!

I have really been working on shopping less. I don’t have much disposable income and I’ve decided I need to do more saving and paying off bills rather than buying new shoes and clothes. Ya know be a grown up. LOL

A word of advice my mother passed along from a friend of hers “if you don’t go to the store you can’t see it to but it”. So I’ve been avoiding window shopping (one of my favorite pastimes) for a while. I only go out if I actually need something not to just browse.

I say all this to say while I was purposefully looking for a dress this past weekend I decided to head my local outlet mall…ya know to save money :-). While there I just had to peep in Vince Camuto. The sales lady quickly stated that there were $20 Jessica Simpson shoes on the back wall. So what do you think I did? Yup! I bee lined to the back were I found three pairs that I just had to have. I mean they were just $20!!!!
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I started thinking about how quickly 2012 has flown by. I mean Thanksgiving just passed so it’s officially Christmas, which means it basically New’s Year. Anyway, I usually do some reflecting on the year as the year winds down. Doesn’t everybody?

While I was thinking of doing an end of the year recap blog post when I realized I hadn’t blogged in forever. I actually had to log in to see the date of my last post, which was WAY back in July. I didn’t even finish my Getting Stronger series (I’m definitely stronger BTW and still working). Anyway I’m here today to say that I am going to seriously commit attempt to adding a post weekly (starting in the new year of course) but until then I will at least get you guys caught up on my love life, school plans, and fitness accomplishments. I was surprised because some of you have actually asked for updates in replies and tweets. Awww…I feel special.


Stronger: Photo Progress

A couple of weeks ago I started to get some “Girl! you don’t need to lose anymore weight” and “Girl! you’re about to disappear” comments*. I tried to take these comments as compliments, but I couldn’t becausel I didn’t see a change and the scale didn’t show much loss. After hearing more “Girl! you’ve lost weight” comments from some people I hadn’t seen in a while this past weekend, I thought “hmmm…maybe I do look different.”

This is me at my friends birthday party last weekend 🙂

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Stronger: Week 4

If you read last weeks post you know that my program called a deload week this week. A deload week is designed to give your body a “working” rest as a way to allow your body to heal and rebuild during your strength journey. The Beautiful Badass program I’m following instructed me to drop back to 70% of my Week 3 weights.

However, I wasn’t a total newbie to lifting when I started this program and I actually dropped back my weights at the start, so I felt it was OK to skip my deload week and press on. A part of this was being greedy and wanting to continue the satisfaction of lifting heavier each week. I was aware that I could be pushing too hard and decided to drop back if I felt I was doing too much.

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Stronger: Week 3

I’m so proud of myself because I’ve been able to stay on track and increase my weight each week. I feel like I’ve made some really good progress. Which is great because Week 4 is my deload week. Basically after three weeks of gradually increasing weight I get to drop back this week to 70% of the weight I used last week as sort of a break or recovery week. This is to ensure I don’t overwork or fatigue my body. I’m trusting that this is best because I’m actually pretty excited about beating some of my previous attempts.

Time is flying. I’m done with Week 3!

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Stronger: Week 2

Hi guys! I just completed Week 2 and I’m still going strong. Monday I asked Old School to come with me to the gym. I wanted him to watch me do a few reps of all the exercises in the program just to make sure my form was good. He said I had to tweak a few things but I had definitely improved. That’s great all by itself.

June 18-24

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Stronger: Week 1

My official Beautiful Badass Beginner’s (BBB) program start date was June 11, 2012. My goal is to post an update each Monday about the week before. So I’m only a few days behind with this first post. Go back to my first post if you want to know more about my plan.

I’m following Nia Shanks’s 3 days a week strength training program as close as possible with a few (approved) variances. I’ll also be throwing in Zumba twice a week and Boot Camp once a week because I love those classes. Wait! Did I just say I loved boot camp? Wow. Also Sunday will be my only free day, so any day that doesn’t include a workout or a class I’ll be doing hill sprints (highly recommended by Nia – hill sprints that is, not one day of rest) or taking a brisk walk. Whelp, that’s the plan.

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16 Weeks to a Stronger Tip!!!

My 16 weeks will end September 29th

As I’ve said in previous posts (here and here), I started out the year with goal to lose 15 lbs. and I lost 12. My next goal was to get down to 145 lbs., I got down to 148. I was shedding pounds and seeing results. However, I had a change in mindset thanks in part to my boyfriend and a really fit female acquaintance. I adopted a new outlook of gaining strength not losing pounds. Let me be clear! I still want to get down to 145 lbs. or less, but it is no longer my focus for working out. There is a difference!

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Day 1: 31 Day Reset

As I mentioned yesterday I am taking @happyblackwoman up on her 31 Day Reset Challenge. Below is the assignment for Day 1 and below that is

Day 1 Assignment

The following three-part exercise will help to prepare you fully for the month ahead. Estimated Time to Complete: 30-45 minutes

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