Man Cleanse (or lack of) update

So I wrote awhile back about three guys who were the exception to my mancation, which I’m failing at miserably BTW, and I thought I should give an update on all of them. I know you care. I’ll admit this post was really sparked by the weekend I spent with Mr. Off Limits but there actually been some going-ons with all of them.

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Man Cleanse

Less than a month ago I decided I was going to take a break from dating. When I first proclaimed that I was going on a man-cleanse (thanks VH1 Single Ladies for the moniker) I got several blank stares and “dating is so much fun”, “I enjoy men too much” comments, but it seemed like a great idea to me. I couldn’t think of anything I’d be losing just what I would gain.

What I wouldn’t actually be losing (that I feel everyone else thought I would) was having a fun time getting to know new guys, free meals, great sex, trying new places and trying new things. See I really don’t like dating, I guess I’m a relationship kind of girl (yes I realize this starts with dating). This is probably why I married young not that that worked out . So reliving the first date convo isn’t interesting to me, I would prefer to buy my own dinner than to entertain bad company, I’m celibate and the guys I meet wanna go the same old places and do the same old things.

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