Is you happy?

This grammatically incorrect line from one of my favorite rappers, T.I., “Is you happy?” is a question that I recently gave some thought. A tweet that asked me, well all of twitterville, to rate my life on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being wonderful). I was about to just throw a number back when I stopped to actually think about my life and I realized I was perplexed.

On one hand I am very blessed. I have very little to complain about. I have my health, both my parents, my sister, a doggie, a home, a car and a job to barely pay for it all. I know things could be much worse, so many people are homeless and truly struggling, orphaned and alone without friends or family, or sick and fighting just to live each day.

On the other hand I certainly don’t love, or even like, my “career” job, I’m starting to be burnt out by my PT job (read about that dilemma here), and I don’t know what I want to do “when I grow up”! I’m 30+ divorced and fed up with dating, or more accurately trying to date. While I have certainly lost weight and am fairly confident about my appearance, I realized I’m still “overweight” according to the BMI and I’m not getting any younger. And while I love my mother and my sister they tend to drive me crazy, especially since they both live within a 10 mile radius. Basically I’m not where, or even near, I thought I’d be at this point in my life in my career, family, romantic, or personal life and I don’t know where “there” is much less how to get there.

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My Confusing Labor Day Weekend

I first mentioned Mr. Off Limits in Out of the Blue and then again in Your Ex’s Friend. Still I’ll give you a short intro to the “grayness” which is Mr. Off Limits and I. A recap… Mr. Off Limits is a friend of a guy I used to hang out with, 90% of our friendship happens on Facebook where we sickeningly flirt on each others wall, most of our mutual friends think we’re an item, we’ve been asked when are we going to stop playing and hook up, and prior to this trip we’ve never spent ANY time alone together. I’ve always thought we were playing with our flirting. For example, “our song” (currently) is Lupe’s “Outta My Head” so he may post on my wall “girl I wantcha to know, I can’t get ya outta my head ;-)” and I may comment “you know I love it when you sing to me”. Sometimes it’s a bit naughtier like his status may read “I found a gray hair” and I’ll comment “where? ;-)” He posted a while back to my wall “will you be my e-girlfriend?” and I said yes so we are officially e-boos. lol Still with the exception of a few parties, since we’ve never spent any real-time together we seemed to just be eflirting . Queue this Labor Day weekend.

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Man Cleanse (or lack of) update

So I wrote awhile back about three guys who were the exception to my mancation, which I’m failing at miserably BTW, and I thought I should give an update on all of them. I know you care. I’ll admit this post was really sparked by the weekend I spent with Mr. Off Limits but there actually been some going-ons with all of them.

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“Maybe I’m Just a Mean Old Lady Like the Paperboy Said…”

I love the smart things Sophia says. She had a stroke to blame her bluntness on, I don

I’ve been told by more than a few people that I’m mean. I’ve never really thought too much about it, because I really think I’m fairly nice, I have several friends, blah, blah, blah…of course I’m biased.

A guy I met on twitter (and later in person) some time last year sent me a text out of the blue the other day. A random “Good morning. u crossed my mind. how are you stranger” text. I didn’t respond, I mean I don’t even really know him, we talked on twitter and then went out to dinner once and that was it. The contact had long ago stopped and I feel no need to make an effort to keep contact. He sent another one the next day that read “I know you were most likely too busy to respond to me yesterday, so I’m just going to stopping by to say hello. “Hello” Enjoy your week“. I didn’t respond to this either as I was sick that day, like called off from work sick. So guess what came next? A twitter DM that read “Did you change your cell number?”

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