Expectations in Dating

As I was reading a post by WiseDiva (AJC Relationships/Dating Blogger, her opening statement reads “I am fully aware that I can be a hopeless romantic at times.”  Suddenly it hit me!!! One of the reasons I’m single may be because I want to be romanced, courted, wooed. Basically I have what I think so many women have lost….EXPECTATIONS. Yeah I said it, I have expectations, it’s NOT a dirty word.

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More Men Want to Be Fathers

Yesterday while cruising my Timeline on Twitter I was curious about a link retweeted by Wise Diva. The retweet read “A new survey of American singles finds that modern men are more likely than women to want children…”

The article, Gender Flip, summarized the results of a survey of 5000 Match.com singles. The one statistic I want to focus on is: 24% of childless single men report wanting children, compared to just 15% of childless single women.*

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Unthinkable – Tip’s Remix

If you ask me I’m READY!

Ugh, Tez keeps telling me he just turned 30
having dreams of being single forever he’s getting worried
and I’m scared too because I’m in the same boat
good women are rare too, none of them have came close
me I haven’t changed much, you know how I play
better safe than sorry
instead of searching for substance at every single party
baby being part of this life
I feel like I’m bound to end up with somebody
that’s been with everybody
I need you to rescue me from my destiny
I’m trying to live right and give you whatever’s left of me
cause you know life is what we make it and a
chance is like a picture, it’d be nice if you just take it.
Or let me take it for ya
I’m just down to ride
or we can roll around the city until you finally decide
I got more than a thing for you, tattoo and ink for you
right over my heart girl I do the unthinkable

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Same Difference

Does divorce = single

A while back a girlfriend of mine had an interesting discussion with a mutual friend of ours. She casually mentioned that she and I were single, I’m not sure how this came up in conversation, but that’s not the point. The point is he corrected her by stating that I was divorced. She asked “What’s the difference?” Continue reading

The Most Annoying Question

yea, yea I know she’s not single, but I had to do it

“All the single ladies, All the single ladies”

Maybe its just me but as a single, oops sometimes I forget divorced woman over 30, the question that irks me the most* is “WHY ARE YOU SINGLE?”

Has this ever happened to you? You are out at a happy hour, get together, football game, house party, etc…you strike up a conversation with a guy, y’all are hitting it off and here it comes…he asks, “Why are you single?”. What about on the first “date”, things are going well, you find you have mutual interests, likes and backgrounds,etc… then BAM he hits you with “WOW you’re a great lady, why are you single?”.

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