Your Ex’s Friend…

"Hey, your friend is cute"

I’d wager to say that 99% of you would agree that you should never date your friend’s ex. You’d say things like “I wouldn’t risk my friendship“, “It would be weird” and “I don’t want my friends leftovers”.┬áThis is an unwritten but generally understood rule for women and I believe it applies to men as well (for relationships anyway, I think smashing your homies┬ásidepiece is acceptable in man logic. Correct me if I’m wrong guys)

My point is we all know your friend’s ex is off-limits, but….what about your ex’s friend? Yes I’m aware that to my ex’s friend, I’m his friends ex, just work with me. Continue reading

Confession: I attract crazies

I guess this is what he envisioned....too bad he was wrong

Like most all singles, sometimes I think about giving up on a dating and relationships. Mainly Partly because I’m a realist masquerading as a cynic who’s really an optimist, which basically means that I know I’m gonna date even though I assume it won’t work all the while secretly hoping this time is different. (YES I know this is a terribly conflicting approach, alas the life of split personality gemini.) Though this is true, I think it has more to do with the fact that I attract crazies!!! Why I attract crazies is a whole ‘nother post for another day. Sadly this isn’t a new trend, way back in high school a couple of friends and I named ourselves TBMs (trifling brotha magnets), so this is an ongoing problem.

This week I want to focus on three crazies I’ve meet over the last couple of years.

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