How soon do you know?

Coffee and convo...a good first outing

So I meet up with a guy I met in the grocery store a couple of days ago for the first time.

The location: Starbucks

The time: a weeknight

The conversation: light and free flowing

The expectations: low

All in all it was a great first “meeting”, it was short and simple, the discussion was light, the conversation flowed effortlessly, laughs were shared. The only thing was I left sorta “ehh”. I mean I’ll definitely go out with him again, but I’m not exactly waiting for him to call. Most of you are probably saying “Whats the problem?”…

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Polar Opposites

Sunday I was at the grocery store, looking extra regular, when a guy approached me and asked for my number. (I really could write a post about how I don’t get that but Very Smart Brothas tried to explain that to me already, so i’m pretty sure I just won’t get it.) First of all, it’s weird (read: creepy) to me when men approach me out of the blue like that, but I guess thats how it usually happens. basically I’m the weird one

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