4 Questions from The Man Hunt…

So if you read my post on Wednesday about The Man Hunt. You know that I attended a singles event last weekend and you also know that I participated in a panel discussion, called “The 3 stools”.

The 3 stools started with three women being selected from the crowd, one in her 20’s, I was forced selected to represent for the 30s and another in her 40’s. The guest expert Charmaine led the Q&A starting with the by questioning the women, allowing the crowd to comment as well. A short intermission followed and the stools were swapped out for 3 men and another discussion ensued.

Sadly because I waited nearly a week to write this post I’ve already forgotten some of what was discussed, but I did leave with some questions that I like to pose to you.

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Same Difference

Does divorce = single

A while back a girlfriend of mine had an interesting discussion with a mutual friend of ours. She casually mentioned that she and I were single, I’m not sure how this came up in conversation, but that’s not the point. The point is he corrected her by stating that I was divorced. She asked “What’s the difference?” Continue reading