2012 New Year New You – Control What You Can

God, give us grace to accept with serenity

the things that cannot be changed,

Courage to change the things

which should be changed,

and the Wisdom to distinguish

the one from the other.


 think the most important part of the serenity prayer the last part. The discernment to know the difference between what you can change and what you can change your life. i believe many of us spend countless hours worrying about things that we have absolutely no control over. I believe if we just spent a fraction of that time working on the things we can control, we would navigate through life easier. Sure there would still be problems and bad days, things would still blind side us, but hopefully we’d be better prepared to handle them

I don’t remember how I stumble on the blog entry that inspired this post, it was probably twitter, but Tiny Buddha’s post 50 Things You Can Control Right Now is an awesome list. You should definitely give it a look and pick a choose a few you’d like to implement in your own life or add your own.

I’m going to start off with some of the smaller things and hope for a snowball effect that will lead to the bigger tasks.  The 10 things that I’m choosing to work on are…

1. How many times I smile a day

I’ve been told that I don’t look happy, other have asked me “what wrong?” when I’m in a great mood. Add that to the fact that all dating/relationship/networking sites encourage you to smile more and this one is a no brainer. It still won’t be easy.

2. How often I say “thank you”

One of my exes told me that I never seemed thankful while we were dating. I didn’t really need him to tell me that, sadly I was aware that I had a problem thanking people. I probably need to get to the bottom of that. In the mean time, I’m just going to be cognizant of it and be sure to say thank you to any small act of kindness.

3. How nice I am to myself in my head

You know that old saying that “We are our own worse critics”…well that’s true we are. I know that I can be hard on myself. I can be critical of my own actions. It’s difficult for me to forgive myself of my mistakes. But I will try to give myself a pass sometimes and admit that I’m human and I’m going to miss the mark sometimes (without giving up on hitting the mark)

4. Whether I think positive or negative thoughts

As my tagline states I’m a realist masquerading as an optimist who’s really a cynic. So I usually think negative first why secretly hoping for the best and balancing my expectations on the reality of what is probable. This year I’m going to try to reign in those negative thoughts and focus on the positive one!

5. The type of food I eat and how much exercise I get

Yeah, yeah I know I cheated this is actual two items, but they are related. I am determined to “Lose 15 by Spring” 15 pounds that is.  To accomplish this I will have to control what I eat (and drink) and my excercise regimen. I’ve already made a start by joining the Formula66 66 day exercise challenge. Day 4 and I’m going strong.

6. How many new things I try

I started a bucket list a few years ago just to put down on paper the things I really want to do but know I’ll never don’t make it a point to that I never will. My goal for 2011 was knock 2 things off the list and I didn’t even scratch off one. I MUST do better this year.

7. How much I enjoy the things I have right now

The truth is the grass is not always greener and even if it is you never know how much your neighbor worked and sent to get that grass that green. Greed is a sin and its easy to envy what other have. Sometime we do it and we don’t even notice it. I’ll admit that I have a long list of wants that I’d love to have, but truth is I have everything I need right now. God has truly blessed me with a sound mind, working body, functioning senses, wonderful family, great friends, a job, a loyal dog, a house, a car, etc… So anytime I find myself lusting after the new shiny new thing, I’m going to stop and count my blessings.

8. How clean or uncluttered I keep my space

I’ll admit it I’m a messy person, at home, at work, the car. It’s an organized mess, but in reality it’s still a mess. So this is going to be a hard one, but one worth tackling.

9. How much information you share with people

Being a Gemini, I often operate in extremes. Therefore, I tend to be tight-lipped or overshare…now truth be told I’m more often an oversharer due to my talkative nature, but there are times when I keep my mouth shut when I probably should have spoken up.

10. How much rest you get at night

This one should be easy as I type this at 1:16am knowing I have to be up at 6 just lay down and disconnect by a reasonable hour, but it never happens. I always end up blogging, on facebook, on twitter, watching tv, cleaning…something. I think I’m going to try to things to get control over this 1) set a daily alarm to tell me to go to bed and 2) make a daily schedule to keep me on track and focused throughout the day.

As you can see I really enjoyed Tiny Buddha’s blog post…check it out for yourself.


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