About me
Standard answer: I am a divorced black professional female in her 30’s who currently resides in Atlanta.
Better answer: I am southern girl coming to grips with being an adult with in the prime of her life who has a lot on her mind and just wants to get it off. I am a friend, daughter and sister. I love to laugh, hangout with friends, read a good book, spoil my dog, people watch at the park and be a part of good conversation. You know the conversation that just happens when a group of people are in a room and everyone gets revved up and starts talking over everybody else. Sometimes it’s a hot topic that leads to a great debate, sometimes it’s a memory that leads to a great trip down memory lane, it really doesn’t make a difference to me…I love those moments!

The Blog
I’ve been toying around with the idea to start a blog for months now, mainly to selfishly express some of my random thoughts. I always ended up procrastinating, mainly because that’s what I do, but more so because it was a real decision for me because while I desire to share my thoughts and hopefully spark good discussions (great reasons to blog as far as I’m concerned) I really hate writing (grammar, literature, etc). I have, however, always had an opinion and a need to voice it.

Finally something moved me enough to write just to get some thoughts out. I was able to edit that into something I was actually ready to share. So now I’m here and I’ve managed to edit a few settings, throw a quick post together and open this up to the public in one evening.

I hope to bring up a variety of topics, mostly fun, some silly, others serious. There’s no telling, I have some posts planned but I’ll be using whatever comes to mind, so be prepared for weird news, relationship questions, rip from the headlines discussions, fashion, pet peeves, top ten lists and more… I’m known for my candid shots…so be ready to lay your eyes on the hot messes I see every day as I will be sharing them with you.

I hope you enjoy and play along. 🙂