My major shoe haul!!!

I have really been working on shopping less. I don’t have much disposable income and I’ve decided I need to do more saving and paying off bills rather than buying new shoes and clothes. Ya know be a grown up. LOL

A word of advice my mother passed along from a friend of hers “if you don’t go to the store you can’t see it to but it”. So I’ve been avoiding window shopping (one of my favorite pastimes) for a while. I only go out if I actually need something not to just browse.

I say all this to say while I was purposefully looking for a dress this past weekend I decided to head my local outlet mall…ya know to save money :-). While there I just had to peep in Vince Camuto. The sales lady quickly stated that there were $20 Jessica Simpson shoes on the back wall. So what do you think I did? Yup! I bee lined to the back were I found three pairs that I just had to have. I mean they were just $20!!!!


Jessica Simpson “Aven” in red suede

Jessica Simpson "Aven" Cobalt Blue

Jessica Simpson “Aven” Cobalt Blue

Jessica Simpson "?" Black Patent leatherCan you see the peek-a-boo toe?

Jessica Simpson “?” Black Patent leather
Can you see the peek-a-boo toe?

Then I noticed a sale sign in the Nine West store so I headed there. At first I was fine, a few pair caught my eye but nothing compared to the deal I just scored so I couldn’t justify a purchase. But then the sales lady told me that all the marked down shoes were only $14.99. WHAT?!?! That was an even better deal than across the way! So….yeah…. I bought 5 more pairs of shoes bringing my haul up to 8 pairs. I even called/texted a friend and ordered her two pair. See my beauties below:







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