I started thinking about how quickly 2012 has flown by. I mean Thanksgiving just passed so it’s officially Christmas, which means it basically New’s Year. Anyway, I usually do some reflecting on the year as the year winds down. Doesn’t everybody?

While I was thinking of doing an end of the year recap blog post when I realized I hadn’t blogged in forever. I actually had to log in to see the date of my last post, which was WAY back in July. I didn’t even finish my Getting Stronger series (I’m definitely stronger BTW and still working). Anyway I’m here today to say that I am going to seriously commit attempt to adding a post weekly (starting in the new year of course) but until then I will at least get you guys caught up on my love life, school plans, and fitness accomplishments. I was surprised because some of you have actually asked for updates in replies and tweets. Awww…I feel special.



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