Stronger: Week 5

Week 5 marked the beginning of the second phase of my strength training program.

FIVE Down ELEVEN to go!

Monday: I feel like a broken record. LOL As usual, Monday means my Day 1 strength workout plus Zumba. I did well with my workout as I added weights to almost all of my exercises. Zumba was a little lackluster because the instructor had her playlist out of order and we wasted time in between songs while she shuffle though her music.

Tuesday: Again, same old, same old. Tuesday = Boot Camp. She switched it up and did stations. She actually hates stations, but the class loves them. I think we went through the stations twice with the following; yoga push ups, calf jumps, weighted quick punches and one legged high knee jumps. The third go round she switched it up but honestly know I cant remember to what. I know we did bicep curls and tricep kick backs, sumo squat jumps and some more stuff. After the third round we hit the floor for some glutes and abs. Ugh that was tough!

Wednesday: I was in the zone so I keep it up and completed Day 2. Day 2 is a mostly bodyweight day, but I did set a personal record in the weighted exercise I have that day. I tacked on an extra 20 minutes of cardio on the treadmill because I hadn’t done any cardio in a while.

Thursday: My plan was to go to Zumba as usual, but I was running some last minute errands before heading out of town for the weekend and missed class. So I ended up doing a couple of Body Rock videos. First I started with the Call My Name workout, but I thought it would be great to do in the hotel Saturday since it was bodyweight only. Then I switched to the Push Harder Get Stronger workout, but I didn’t want to do it 6 times so I switched to the Dripping with Sweat video. That trio tired me out!

Friday: I went to the gym early so that I could complete my Day 3 workout before I hit the road. It was actually nice to me in the gym that early, sure there were a few people there but I didn’t have to wait for any equipment and no one talked to me. I loved it. I may try to work in a couple of early morning workouts in the future.

Saturday: I never ended up doing that BodyRockTV workout. OOPS!! However, I did a ton of walking and dancing. Hopefully that burned off something, because I surely ate like I was on vacation.

Sunday: Again I don’t eat the best, as I like to say “Calories don’t count on vacation” LOL. More walking hopefully offset some of that yeah right.

Weight: Obviously I was up Monday. I think I went from 144.6 on Friday to 149.8 Monday morning. Sorry for the TMI, but this was mostly because I was still “holding on” to all that food as it has not “passed through” me. Thanks to a nice salad for lunch, veggies with dinner and plenty of water (and a few trip to the bathroom) and I was down to 147 by Monday afternoon. I’ll see where I am tomorrow.

The important thing was that I got under 145 in week 5, for week 6 I’ve just got to get back on track. That won’t be hard though I’m actually looking forward to it!!!


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