Stronger: Photo Progress

A couple of weeks ago I started to get some “Girl! you don’t need to lose anymore weight” and “Girl! you’re about to disappear” comments*. I tried to take these comments as compliments, but I couldn’t becausel I didn’t see a change and the scale didn’t show much loss. After hearing more “Girl! you’ve lost weight” comments from some people I hadn’t seen in a while this past weekend, I thought “hmmm…maybe I do look different.”

This is me at my friends birthday party last weekend 🙂

I decided to compare current pictures with those from the beginning of my Get Strong journey. (Old School knows how critical I am and suggest that progress pictures would be the best way to keep myself motivated) The pictures below illustrate my progress during the first five weeks of my Beautiful Badass journey. The first picture in the trio was taken on June 12, the day after I completed Day 1. The second picture was taken after my third full week of working out. And the last picture was taken during my fifth week of consistent working out.

My Progress:

Before – June 12, 2012/ Three Weeks – June 29, 2012 / Five Weeks July 11, 2012

Front @ Start, 2 weeks and 4 weeks

I can’t tell much here truthfully. I think my middle section is smaller, but its still shaped the same so…


In this shot I can see some definite loss of back fat, a leaner upper fat and some tone in the shoulder. I hope one day the rolls will go away, it seems the one on the left wants to leave, lol, but it’s still holding on.

Right side

THANK GOODNESS!!! My stomach has gone down some and I think my booty is sitting higher. 🙂

Left Side

Same as the right side

I weighed 151.6 lbs at the start, 146.2 in the middle at 143.8 in the most recent shot. Which hopefully goes to shows that just a little 0ver 5 pounds make a significant difference. Though the scale might not show much loss I’m burning fat and building muscle. I’m definitely more pleased with the results so far of my strength training than I was with the heavy cardio I was doing before.

After looking at the photos I can see difference in certain areas. I just have to remember that not much time has passed between these shots and that I should be pleased to see any changes no matter how small.

The most important I’ve learned by looking back at pictures is that the scale is not the end all be all. This pains me to say because I am a self admitted scale addict. I weigh daily, first thing in the morning and log my weight daily. Now I still don’t believe I’m obsessed with my weight because the number on the scale does not ruin or make my day. I just like to be aware of it and I like to see an overall decline, or even fluctuating around the same weight, I just like to catch any upward trends.

Also, though I’m not quite lifting like an Olympic weightlifter, I am lifting some challenging weight three times a week. These pictures show that lifting gets results! I would have never seen these types of changes with just cardio alone. I believe many women think that they just need to do cardio to burn fat in order to get the body they really want. They tend to think that weight lifting is not only unnecessary, but that it will somehow bulk them up. I know its early, but hopefully this helps to disspell this myth. I’m very pleased with the transition I believe I’m making and can’t wait to see my strong, Beautiful Badass body in the futures.

I’ll keep you posted with pics about every month or so.

*DISCLAIMER: I hate these kinds of comments. First of all they are true, I could certainly still afford to lose a few. But moreover you don’t get decided what the right size is for me.


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