Stronger: Week 4

If you read last weeks post you know that my program called a deload week this week. A deload week is designed to give your body a “working” rest as a way to allow your body to heal and rebuild during your strength journey. The Beautiful Badass program I’m following instructed me to drop back to 70% of my Week 3 weights.

However, I wasn’t a total newbie to lifting when I started this program and I actually dropped back my weights at the start, so I felt it was OK to skip my deload week and press on. A part of this was being greedy and wanting to continue the satisfaction of lifting heavier each week. I was aware that I could be pushing too hard and decided to drop back if I felt I was doing too much.

Monday: The usually Day 1 workout plus Zumba. The Zumba instructor was a sub, but a familiar one as she teaches the Thursday class. I actually prefer her to the regular Monday instructor so that was great. I went up in weight in all my exercises, though one was a true challenge, so I was very pleased with myself and felt that I made the right decision to skip my deload week.

Tuesday: Boot Camp as always. The regular chick was back after being sick the previous week, so she was really “happy” and gave us one hell of a workout! We did intervals using the step, medium weights, and body weight. Then we did some floor work and wrapped up with ab work.

Wednesday: I was proud of myself, because even though it was the fourth of July and I was off I found the time to go to the gym. Sadly I didn’t make much progress, but I didn’t feel too bad since it was supposed to be a deload week anyway. Three of my four exercises on Day 2 are body weight, so I didn’t make add any weight for those. I actually fell back some on my one weighted exercise because I was at a different gym that didn’t have 27.5lb weights. I was able to do my Day 2 workout with Old School and had the rest of the day to hang out with him and my family.

Thursday: I took a break. Sometimes when I follow up my regular Monday and Tuesday workout with Day 3’s workout on Wednesday my body just needs a rest. I had planned to still squeeze in some cardio be it a long walk or a session on the elliptical, but after work I had to run some errands. After I finished with those I was exhausted and went home and crashed.

Friday: I took off and still managed to work in a morning trip to the gym to do my Day 3 workout and I even had enough time to work in a short cardio session. I exceeded my weight i two exercises but held the same weight in on.

Saturday: Since I did my Day 3 workout on Friday, I was free to try something new. I decided instead of going to the gym I’d try one of the workouts. So after exploring BodyRock’s website I decided to try the Dripping With Sweat workout. I chose it because it used very little equipment just light weights which I have at the house and because it had 20 different exercises versus a 3-5exercises that I was going to have to repeat three times. I did however manage to go through this routine twice. The first time I really tried to power through and I was literally dripping with sweat at the end. Still I decided to push myself further and go for another round. During round 2 I did modify a few exercises and take a couple of breaks but I held on until the end. I was drenched by the end of the second round and called it a day.

Sunday: I had sworn that I was going to get some cardio in since I had already taken a rest day on Thursday. However, I was so exhausted from my long weekend I crashed again. Ooops!

Eating: This week was a challenge because of the Fourth and I had family visiting this weekend. I still try to stay a close to my caloric intake during those days as I could without barring everything. So I had some homemade french fries on the Fourth and a slice of red velvet cake this weekend. I tried to balance it with a light breakfast and a light lunch or dinner.


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