Stronger: Week 3

I’m so proud of myself because I’ve been able to stay on track and increase my weight each week. I feel like I’ve made some really good progress. Which is great because Week 4 is my deload week. Basically after three weeks of gradually increasing weight I get to drop back this week to 70% of the weight I used last week as sort of a break or recovery week. This is to ensure I don’t overwork or fatigue my body. I’m trusting that this is best because I’m actually pretty excited about beating some of my previous attempts.

Time is flying. I’m done with Week 3!

Monday: I always go a little harder on Mondays. I think I’m trying to make up for my bad eating on the weekends. Anywho this Monday was no different, I started with the Beautiful Badass Day 1 workout and increased the weight for each exercise by at least 5lbs. I struggled but managed to hold my planks for 10 seconds longer. I followed up my workout with an hour of Zumba. The instructor picked more upbeat routines than usual so I really worked up a good sweat in that class.

Tuesday: Tuesday is always Boot Camp day, but today was different because we had a sub. Now the regular instructor does a great job of mixing up her format and exercises but it is good to have a change of pace to confuse the body. The sub broke her class up in to three parts 1) a warmup that turned into a cardio session, 2) a weight session and 3) floor work then cool down/stretch.

For the first portion I thought we were doing a warm up but then it just kept going….and going…and going until I realized we were doing cardio. LOL I was like “Dang! this is a long warm up”. We then grabbed weights and did some squats, shoulder presses, bicep curls, calf raises (which was weird) and some more stuff. We finally grabbed mats and hit the floor for abs and inner/outer thighs. Then finished up with some stretching. I was sweating something serious by the end of class.

Wednesday: Wednesday is a iffy day – it may be Day 2 of my Beautiful Badass program or it may be cardio (elliptical, treadmill, walk or hill springs). It mainly depends on how my body feels after Day 1 on Monday and Boot Camp on Tuesday as well as whether or not it’s my week to serve at church. This week I was pretty beat up from Monday and Tuesday plus I’d swapped weeks with a girl at church. So instead of rushing through Day 2 too fast I just went out for a 3 mi walk. I walked pretty briskly and added in some sprints of jogging. I clocked around 3 miles in 40 minutes.

Thursday: I started with my Day 2 workout. My first exercise was a bit up of a challenge since I increased my dumbbells by 2.5 lbs. The other two exercises were body weight only and I increased the reps on one. I ended the workout with side planks. I was able to hold them for 5 seconds longer than Week 2, but my left side was really a challenge. I felt a pinching in my left shoulder that made it hard to hold the plank but I pushed through.

Next up was Zumba. I really enjoy Zumba, it’s a fun form of cardio. You’re just dancing (or attempting to dance) and working up a good sweat, but it’s so fun you almost don’t feel like you’re exercising …almost. The instructor played a few new songs, or maybe they were old songs that were just new to me. She was so into in that we actually went over time today. I’m pretty confident I got a good workout Thursday. *end sarcasm*

Friday: Friday is always a hard day for me because I often just want to relax from a long week or enjoy a happy hour with friends. Alas, when I decided to commit to this 16 week program, I said I would only have one rest day and that’s Sunday. Since it was too hot to do hill sprints (it was like 105 here) and there weren’t any step or zumba classes at my gym to attend I decided to finally try a routine when I got home.

I ended up having a change of plans and going to Old School’s place after work. So I ended up doing the workout there and making him join me. YAY!!! It took us a while to find a workout that required minimal equipment and that we could agree on, but we finally decided to try the F U Fat A$$ workout. Mainly because it had 30 second intervals, required minimal equipment and was a real time video that we could work along with. We completed the video twice and then called it quits. It was that challemging honedtly i wanted to stop after the first round, he insisted we do one more. Not too shabby for a Friday workout. Additionally, because we didn’t go out I managed not to break my “diet”.

Saturday: I had to get up early (well not really early – early for me on a Saturday is anything before 9) to make a 9am appointment and I hit the gym right after that. I’m still thrilled that I matched a personal best on all three exercises that morning. I was super pumped on my walk back home which was great because it was hot as Hades out. In order to save time I skipped cardio Saturday and used my walk to and from the gym as my warm up and cool down because I had a busy day planned (I was going to meet Old School’s parents).

Sunday: rest!!!!

*Diet. I want to take a moment to address my “diet”. I use quotes because I hesitate in calling it a diet. I’m working on making this a consistent way of eating. Basically, I’m just trying to eat healthy more often than not. I’m eating more protein (mainly chicken and steak), good fats (like nuts), some good dairy (0% fat greek yogurt in my smoothies and low fat cheese), fiber (from fruits and veggies) and drinking plenty of water. Also I am limiting starches (bread, rice, pasta), sugar and bad fats. Now once I get to a certain (undetermined) point I may loosen up a little and allow a few more splurges. Thankfully one of the benefits of building more muscle mass is that you burn more calories at rest, so hopefully I’ll be able to up my daily caloric intake as I get stronger. Although to be honest, I’m having a hard time eating my allotted calories currently. And I should say I don’t stick to this 100% I’ve had pizza, french fries, wine, liqour and cake in the last two weeks, probably more that I should have actually. I’m trying to stick to the 80/20 rule. Really I strive for about 90/10 and it ends up being about 80/20, lol!

With all that being said, I really made an attempt to eat better this weekend. Mainly because the past couple of weekends I’ve let my cheat meal turn into a cheat DAY(S) and this was sabotaging my hard work all week. I was still losing about a pound week by week but I was really losing say three pounds a week then gaining two back on the weekends. I could definitely hit my secondary goal of 145 lbs if I continued that way, but it would certainly take longer. Moreover, along with my primary goal of getting strong I also want to be healthier so I really should try to eat better period.

As a weight recap I weighed in last Monday at 151 and this morning my scale read 146.6. I should really start taking measurements. I think I will post before and after pictures later this week or maybe I’ll wait until next week because that will technically be a month.

Thanks for sharing along with me on my strength journey.


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