Stronger: Week 2

Hi guys! I just completed Week 2 and I’m still going strong. Monday I asked Old School to come with me to the gym. I wanted him to watch me do a few reps of all the exercises in the program just to make sure my form was good. He said I had to tweak a few things but I had definitely improved. That’s great all by itself.

June 18-24

Monday: I am very pleased that I increased all my day 1 exercises by 5 lbs or more. That was a great feeling! Especially since I was able to show off in front of Old School.

Tuesday: I went to boot camp and it was killer!!! That lady is crazy! She likes to switch it up-high intensity one week, pyramid another, circuits…you name it! This week was pyramids. That’s what she calls them, basically she gives us two exercises. We start with one rep of each exercise, then two reps of each, then three and so on to we get to the number or reps then we work back done (x…3,2,1). We started with 1 to 10 to 1 with bent over flys and plank leg raises. Then 1-6-1 with bicep curls and curtsy squats . Last one was 1-5-1 with front jabs/knee raises and squat side taps. We did a 2-min cardio blast in between and finished with floor work and abs. Whew! It was good.

Wednesday: I did my Beautiful Badass Day 2 workout. Day 2 is mostly body weight exercises so I maintained by first week performance. My plan is to purchase a weight vest soon, so that I can increase the difficulty of these exercises. I did increase weight or time where I could. Thankfully day 2 is quick because I had to volunteer at church that night and I had to keep it moving.

Thursday: Thursday is almost always Zumba day. The instructor added a few new songs and routines so it was more challenging. Also I used to go to zumba class after a full body workout, so I’m used to being a bit more warmed up. I will do a thorough warm up next week.

Friday: Ummmm yeah….I was supposed to do either my Day 3 workout or hill sprints, but ahhh yeah that didn’t happen. A girlfriend had a get together at her house so I went there straight after work and left too late to hit the gym. I also ate terribly that day as the get together consisted of drinks, pizza and a homemade red velvet cake.

Saturday: Old School and I hit the gym before lunch. He had work to do as he’s preparing for a competition and I needed to complete my Beautiful Badass Day 3 workout. I increased all the weight on each exercise! I was proud of myself. Old School said I was making it look easy. I assured him that it wasn’t. I didn’t do any cardio but I wish I had to offset all those calories I took in Friday.

Sunday: According to my schedule Sunday is my off day. Still I feel as though I should have worked out since I played hookie Friday, but I didn’t.

Overall I think Week 2 went well, exercise wise at least. I increased weight on all (sans the body weight) exercises from Week 1. Unfortunately, I cheated a little too much over the weekend. Though not as bad as I could have considering I attended two parties. Theres no doubt that the  cake and pizza and bread I ate  affected my weight loss as I weighed in today at 151. Up from 150 last Monday but still down from 151.6 my start weight from 2 weeks ago. Since I’m not focused on my weight, I still feel great about week 2 as I increased my weights on all my weighted exercises and kept good form.

Today starts Week 3. See ya next week.

Want to catch my progress from the beginning? Go back to the start.

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