Stronger: Week 1

My official Beautiful Badass Beginner’s (BBB) program start date was June 11, 2012. My goal is to post an update each Monday about the week before. So I’m only a few days behind with this first post. Go back to my first post if you want to know more about my plan.

I’m following Nia Shanks’s 3 days a week strength training program as close as possible with a few (approved) variances. I’ll also be throwing in Zumba twice a week and Boot Camp once a week because I love those classes. Wait! Did I just say I loved boot camp? Wow. Also Sunday will be my only free day, so any day that doesn’t include a workout or a class I’ll be doing hill sprints (highly recommended by Nia – hill sprints that is, not one day of rest) or taking a brisk walk. Whelp, that’s the plan.

I started Week 1 eagerly but cautiously. I had an idea of where to start for about half of the exercises as they had been a part of my previous routine. I began about 10 lbs. less than my max, to allow room for growth and to adjust to the increased number of sets. Let’s take squats for example; I had previously worked up to a weight of 115 lbs. performing higher reps for fewer sets. Well… maybe I shouldn’t have used squats as I cheated a little bit and dropped back to 95lbs with a fewer reps more sets approach. It wasn’t 100% me trying to slack off, I had been having issues with my form on squats (depth, keeping my knees out, etc) and really wanted to perfect my form before going up to higher weights.

Others were unfamiliar (or long forgotten) so I started with body weight or just the weight of the barbell (45 lbs) to judge a comfortable starting point. I’ll use dips this time. I haven’t done dips in years and just wasn’t sure where to start. One thing I did know was that I could not dip my body weight. So over to the assisted dip machine I went. I started with 85 lbs (remember this is assistance so I was lifting my body weight minus 85 – for me 65 lbs) and it was too easy. So I tried 70 lbs (lifting 80lbs) and that was a challenge by my last set.

I’ll include some stats just because I do weigh daily (bad habit) and I’m sure y’all are curious. Also since I can’t show you exactly how I’m progressing without publishing Nia’s workout, I need to give you something or what’s the point.

I’m 5’5” and in my early 30’s. My weight on June 11th was 151.6 lbs. and it was down to 150.0 on June 18th. That’s 1.6 lbs my first week! Remember though it’s not all about lbs, my focus is really to get stronger. Thankfully, weight loss is a side effect. I’m considering taking some measurements (stomach, thigh, bicep) as well, since we women often get caught up in pounds when we should be looking at inches lost.

Til next week…


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