16 Weeks to a Stronger Tip!!!

My 16 weeks will end September 29th

As I’ve said in previous posts (here and here), I started out the year with goal to lose 15 lbs. and I lost 12. My next goal was to get down to 145 lbs., I got down to 148. I was shedding pounds and seeing results. However, I had a change in mindset thanks in part to my boyfriend and a really fit female acquaintance. I adopted a new outlook of gaining strength not losing pounds. Let me be clear! I still want to get down to 145 lbs. or less, but it is no longer my focus for working out. There is a difference!

I have decided to commit to completing Nia Shanks’s Beautiful Badass Beginner’s Program. My boyfriend (Old School) suggested I check her out and gave me her Beautiful Badass Book (isn’t he sweet?). Her beginners workout includes two 4-week phases that are to be completed twice (2 phases x 4 weeks x 2 times thru = 16 weeks). Each week consists of three days of strength exercises and throughout the phases you keep those weekly exercises but add strength by varying the number of sets and reps as well as incrementally increasing the weight. I can’t give away the workout itself because…well…it’s her workout and she needs to make a living. So buy the book here! But to follow along with a similar workout she has posted for free on her website click here. Wasn’t that nice of her?!

Nia Shanks, a self-proclaimed Beautiful Badass, approaches strength training in a simplistic, yet challenging, way that I could follow. In fact, at first it seemed too easy. Her beginner workout consisted of fewer exercises than the routine Old School had created for me months earlier. This is by design, Nia’s logic is — Keep It Simple. She utilizes a few complex exercises to work the entire body in minimal time. You’re in and out of the gym in 30-45 minutes. Don’t worry or feel bad about this, her workouts engage the upper and lower body as well as the core. AND because she does it using complex moments (versus isolated) in similar ways in which our body is actually designed to move, you’ve worked out your entire body.

I strongly encourage anyone who desires to lose weight, be fit or get stronger to check out Nia on her website www.niashanks.com and follow her on twitter @niashanks. Nia is also one of the co-founders of Girls Gone Strong, a group of women whose mission is to educate and inspire women of all ages to maximize the strength of their body, mind and character. Be sure to Like them on Facebook and follow them on twitter. The posts and tweets from this group of women and their followers have been a tremendous encouragement as I begin my 16 week challenge.

So I’ll be blogging hopefully weekly about my progress. I’m not sure if I’ll post pictures monthly or at the end, it will probably depend on the speed of my transformation.


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