The End of the Man Cleanse

The Man Cleanse is OVER!!!

I’m sure the few of you who follow my blog (thanks 🙂 ) didn’t appreciate my little footnote in my last post where I dropped that I have a boyfriend. Those of you who follow me on twitter got the news a little earlier and I’d assume you too were surprised when I mentioned I was “boo’d up” a couple of months ago. LOL I understand the confusion, because HECK I’m confused myself. “How did this happen?!” you may ask as I ask myself. Especially you long-time ThisIsTip readers, who know about my off and on man cleanses over the last year or so.

For those of you who just made the scrunch face because you have no idea what a man cleanse is please check out my previous posts. I’ll give you a short recap… I claimed throughout quite a bit of last year that I was on a man cleanse, which is basically a sabbatical from dating. I did have three exceptions and none of those worked out and I think I attended the Man Hunt during that time. So as my girlfriend, Oxymoron (her name has been changed to protect the innocent-lol), told me I basically swore off men until I found one I really wanted to date. She was partially right. For me the man cleanse came up after a few failed 2-3 months courtships and my lack interest in dating (as a sport). I was attracting and entertaining the wrong kind of guys and couldn’t figure out how to attract the right type. I sorta thought taking a sabbatical from dating would give me that “me” time everyone speaks of to “find myself” I guess. This was sorta true, but not completely.

My point is (wow that was a long recap) that late last year when I was thinking about my life and my 2012 goals. I spent some time really thinking about what I wanted and what I believe God wants for me and I started making some goals. My pastor has preached quite a bit on realizing all God has for you. He’s reminded the congregation that the devil is the one who tries to remind you of your past failures, not God. Once you repent of (and truly turn away from) your sins God forgives and forgets therefore you deserve to have everything you want (within His will).

I realized that I didn’t really love “where” I was in my life and I knew this couldn’t be God’s best for me. I know he wants me to do, have and be more, but I’ve got to do my part. I realized that I had not made a move in any direction because I was paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong move. I finally decided you only get one chance (thanks Drizzy for YOLO) and that I’d rather regret what I did do than what I didn’t do. During this process amongst making other personal declarations, I finally admitted to myself that I wanted to be in a relationship and to possibly remarry one day.  I realized to make that happen I would have to date, like it or not. Since I was applying this logic to all areas, dating was not a priority on my list. Making a career change, going back to school for my master’s, thinking of moving out-of-state, enjoying my free time, losing weight, gaining (physical) strength and getting healthy were much higher on my list.

Through God, in just the first quarter of 2012, I’ve changed job titles (same company), made advances towards going back to school, talked with my real estate agent about selling (doesn’t look good 😦 ) and had some time to spend with myself. I’ve lost 13 lbs since the new yea and am down a dress size (10’s to 8’s). I’m lifting heavier and getting stronger and eating a little better. All in all this year was going great I am so blessed!!!! All I could say was God is good! All the time!!

And of course right when I had myself all busy with me is when God drops a great guy in my lap. LOL He surely has a sense of humor. How’s the saying go “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans” Well God’s having a good belly laugh at my expense right now.

Hmmm…this post was supposed to be about my new guy but has ended up being about my 2012 goals, man cleanses (or lack thereof) and how good my God is. So I guess I’ll have introduce my new beau in a separate post. Stay tuned…


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