Age Old Question: Platonic Friendship

No not “Which was first the chicken or the egg?” but “Can men and women be just friends?” Like really just friends. I’ve sort of always wondered this as I don’t have many male friends. And I’ve got to admit that in most of the few male friendships I have, there is some type of history or one person is sorta attracted to the other.

This question is on my mind today because of a conversation with a close girlfriend and her boyfriend after spending New Years with Mr. Off Limits. The three of you who follow the blog might remember that Mr. Off Limits is a friend of a guy I used to “date” (hence the name) that I sickeningly flirt with on social media but rarely in person. A brief recap – after I returned from my last confusing visit, I asked him (I thought directly-my girlfriend disagrees) via text (<–this is why my girlfriend disagrees) “Are we just playing online with our flirting or are we for real?” He dodged the question. I took that as “just playing” and told him so. He replied “I wouldn’t take it that way”. Again, the lack of an answer was my answer. Since I am cool with being just friends, we have continued as such. This all happened back around labor day.

Fast forward to New Years Eve, I end up visiting Mr. Off Limits for a house party. We had a good time, met a few new people and got to see some other friends again. I didn’t drive so New Years Day my girlfriend (hmm she needs a name) and her boyfriend pick me up. On the car ride home, my friend says something like “Did you have fun with your boyfriend?”, just like a 12-year-old middle schooler. And I was like “uh, how many times have we gone over this? He is not my boyfriend!” Then her boyfriend jumps in with his 200 two cents. Basically they both agreed that there is no way that a guy is gonna let a girl come visit him twice and bring her around his family and friends if he’s not interested. They further theorized that since he hasn’t made a “move” apparently he must be truly interested in me (not my ass) and doesn’t want to mess anything up. To me they seemed to be arguing that we couldn’t be “just friends”, like there had to be more to it.

I call BULLSHIT! I think if he was interested he’d say so, maybe not directly but indirectly (which is what they think he is doing). I mean isn’t that what the whole He’s just not that into you movement taught us? That if a guy is interested he’ll make it known. At the end of the day they’ve never met him and i think he’s just a nice guy who has plenty of friends (men and women) because he’s friendly. I’m convinced that we are just friends and that’s great. I like him (as a friend), his family and his friends are fun. We have a good time together (or at least I do) and I enjoy his company. They suggested I have a talk with him and see what the deal is, I feel like I’ve already done that. I’ve gotta stop listening to others!

What say you? Is he interested like my friend and her man thinks? or am I right and he’s just not that into me?


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