My Favorite Christmas Songs

Everyone has their favorite holiday tunes, some are universal others are personal. Whether it’s the old school classics from your childhood, new school faves of late, spiritual or secular these are the songs that make up the playlist that gets you into the spirit of Christmas. Below are my favorite Christmas tracks:

1o.   Destiny’s Child –  8 Days of Christmas

I’m not really sure if I even liked this song when it came out back in 2001 , but nevertheless the light-hearted contemporary take on the 12 days of Christmas is on my list now.

9. Christmas Time is Here – Peanuts

We all have a movie that’s airing symbolizes the coming of Christmas. For some it’s The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, others It’s a Wonderful Life, but I love A Charlie Brown Christmas. (really the animated Disney version of A Christmas Carol is my favorite, but it rarely airs). I like this one so much its one of my holiday ringtones.

8. Sleigh Ride – TLC

Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! Who didn’t love TLC? I certainly did and I also love this up beat hip hop ode to the Christmas season.

7. Silent Night – Temptations

Silent Night is one of my favorite spiritual Christmas songs PERIOD! So how could I not  love the Temptations version?

6. The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole

What’s Christmas without some chesnuts roasting o’er opening fire? (really who does this? did this use to occur?) BTW am I the only one who always wondered why babies and the centurions are left out of his Christmas greeting. Like if your under 1 or over 92  you can’t enjoy the holiday…Anybody else? just me? oh ok.

<strong? 5. O Come All Ye Faithful – Take 6

I couldn’t find O Come All Ye Faithful, but I also like God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

I remember growing up my dad LOVED Take 6. It seemed that the only thing he played in the car (when he wasn’t listening to NPR) was Take 6 and Anita Baker. Anyway, like father like daughter, I guess, because it’s just not Christmas without some a cappella gospel.

4. Let It Snow – Boyz II Men

Some of Boyz II Men’s classics annoy me like Bended Knee and Momma, but Let It Snow is not one of them. Perhaps it’s because despite the dozens of times I’ve listened to the song it’s always been confined to a couple of weeks in December. I dunno…What I do know is this is a great relatively “new” Christmas classic that feels like its always been on the most listen to list.

3. Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas

I have loved this song, like many others, ever since Mariah dropped her holiday album. The video makes me wish it would snow so that I can dress up like Mrs. Claus and play in it.

2. Christmas Blue (aka Otis and Bonquiesha) Quad City DJ’s 

In my hometown this symbolizes the official start of Christmas…like for real it’s not Christmas until I hear Otis poor his heart out to Bonquiesha. I’m not sure what year this song came out or when the local station started playing it, but now I need to hear it every year. My favorite lines:

“I said ‘self, was it worth it?’ and my self answered back ‘yes, it was well worth it?'”  and “my alternator broke on my truck and you know I need my for to um, for to go to work

1. This Christmas – Donny Hathaway

I think this is my favorite Christmas song. While I actually like Chris Brown’s version enough for it to be a strong contender, I had to go with the classic version by Donny Hathaway to be my number one pic. This song is Christmas.

So folks, what are your holiday favorites? did I leave any out? I feel like I left out some of the old school gospel classics? any newer additions?

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