So Blessed…yes, yes

I woke up in the morning feeling fresh to death
I’m so blessed, yes yes
I went to sleep stressed, woke up refreshed
I’m so blessed, yeah yes
Water in my face and everything is in it’s place
Peace of mind even my grace
I’m so blessed, yes yes yes
My grandma just turned one hundred
I’m so blessed, yes yes yes yes

I’ve had an event full last 3-4 days and one thing that is apparent…I’m so blessed!!

I had to make a little edit to Jill’s upbeat lyrics because my grandmother just turned 100 this past weekend. Talk about a blessing!!! My sister and I traveled back home to celebrate this milestone with the rest of the family. My grandmother is not the first one on that side of the family to reach 100. I believe her brother made it to 101 and another brother was close, passing away in his late 90’s. Aside from some recent short-term memory lost and not being able to walk (due to a fall) she is in 100% tip-top shape. She bragged this weekend that she is in no pain. Hallelujah!!! She does complain that she can’t walk, but I remind her that her legs have been holding her up and getting her where she had to go since 1911. She may ask you the same questions repeatedly, but her long-term memory is intact. She knows the grandchildren apart and which child of hers they belong to, she remembers where we live and what we do. That in it self was a blessing!

Since I was already “home” I spent the second day of my trip hanging with some girlfriends to celebrate one of my besties birthday. We always love it when the original “gang” gets back together. The oldest friendship in the group for me dates back 23 years and the newest member joined us 15 years ago. I realized that I had taken these ladies for granted during my freshmen year when I learned that not everybody who smiled in your face was really your friend. And now as an adult I meet so many women who don’t have true friends and I realized that I’m extremely blessed that my friends are my extended family.

Two more things brought this message home today. One my mother had a doctor appointment today and he gave her some news that was not the best (although not horrible) and I realized how luck I am to have her. And two I just watched the Gabby and Mark special about the congress woman who was shot in the head at an appearance in front of a grocery store by a crazy gunman. Six people were killed in that shooting including a little girl and 13 were injured. The Congresswoman Giffords suffered a tragic brain injury and the special chronicled her miraculous speedy recovery. Watching this woman fight to take a step or just get her mouth to say the words her brain knew existed but couldn’t find made my problems of the day seem so silly. Whats an extra 30 minutes of traffic? or a condescending boss? when you think about the fact that you body, mind, family and friends are well…. nothing!

I am truly blessed in so many ways, my parents, my sister, my health, my doggie, and I could go on and on about all the ways that God has blessed me. I’ve just got to make it appoint to remember this on the days the valleys of life come my way. I hope you remember too.


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