5 Sucky Things That Come With Being Single

While I was brainstorming about blog topics yesterday, I listed a pair of topics Reasons I Love Being Single and Reasons I Hate Being Single.* Anyway, this topic shot up to the top of the list when I got home yesterday and was confronted the biggest bug ever!!! Don’t believe me?? I present to you Exhibit A:

This is by far the biggest bug I've ever killed. See the quarter for scale SN:this is it smooshed, imagine it alive! Also the blue-ish stuff is what squished out of it. What is blue on the inside?!?!

#1 Killing bugs myself.

I hate bugs (I mean who really likes them?), but as long as they stay outside or they don’t move too quickly for me to kill them, I deal with them. But yesterday evening I was forced to kill the biggest, juiciest, creepiest bug(??) I’ve ever seen. I’m still not sure what it was, but I decided to kill first ask question later.

Being single means living alone (usually) and living alone means when there’s a bug you’re the only one around to kill it and that sucks!

#2 Sleeping Alone

There’s a slew of reasons why sleeping with someone is better than sleeping alone. NOTE: sleep here equals sleep . Being held when your scared because you watched a scary movie or too many episodes of Criminal Minds, extra body heat on a cold winter night, someone to go check out that bump in the night or just that secure feeling of knowing you are not alone Michael Jackson).

#3 All My Bills are Divisible by One

A girlfriend of mine coined the phrase “All my bills are divisible by one” some time ago when some married person tried to tell her how good she had it. It’s a true statement families always complain about the cost of supporting children and such and don’t get me wrong it IS costly. However, as a single person I share the same basic bills as a married person/parent. I still need a place to live, food to eat, a car to get around in, heat to keep me warm, etc. True some of those bills might be higher if I had others to consider but I also don’t have anyone to help me.

Couples without kids have it best, I cant imagine their bills are justifiably more than twice my bills and they get to split them in half #WINNING. If I need it I have to get it. #EPICFAIL

#4 Not having a go to person

Last Sunday after having brunch with some girlfriends, I was trying to think of a way to enjoy the rest of what had turned out to be a gorgeous fall day. I called my mom and my sister, they were busy. I thought about having a little something al fresco somewhere downtown, but then remembered I had just eaten. I thought about going to the park to soak up that rare almost perfect weather day but for some reason I didn’t want to go alone. Now before you say “eff that I would’ve gone all by my lonesome”, I should state I usually do. I frequently go to movies, dinner, concerts, parties and other events as a party of one. This particular day though, I wanted some company.

This also goes in line with having that person you want to call as soon as you get some good news, bad news or juicy gossip or the person you call first when you decide to paint the town red or to try that new restaurant. Right now my go to people include friends and family and that’s fine.

#5 Fixing things my self

Now I’m pretty handy and not afraid if a little hard work or getting dirty, but truthfully if I could just call “GIRL” and not worry about being Ms. Fix-it you’d hear no complaints from me. There are several projects around my house that would be fixed if I had a man: a running toilet, a drippy faucet, a fallen curtain road, a loose toilet paper dispenser… Granted these are all fairly small things I probably could fix, I’ve given each one some effort and it’s been more than I cared to tackle. American dream my ass, homeownership sucks.

Ok guys don’t read this post the wrong way. I’m happy single! Right now, for me, the pros or singleness outweigh the cons**. The man cleanse is going well.

So what say ye? What is the suckiest part of being single? What do you miss about having a boo? What does your current boo do that you don’t want to lose?

*I had to tweak the title

**the pros of singleness post to come shortly


4 comments on “5 Sucky Things That Come With Being Single

  1. LOL, I LOVED this post. I effing cackled so hard at the bug pic. Well, after shrieking with my hand over my mouf. Lawd, pretty sure I woulda dahd if I saw that at the crib. Kudos to you for the triumph!

    Great list! Especially the bugs and the fix-it components (of which, like you said, we just learn to do ourselves) Sometimes it is the little things like this that really encapsulate the wistful feelings you get when you’re single.

    I thrive off affection and touch so just having someone to reach over and hug and caress on a constant basis is something I yearn for when single. Le sigh.

    • Thanks for honoring our deal Cheeks! Lol

      Seriously the only thing that keep me alive was the thought of that thing creeping across my dead body (the entire previous statement was an overdramatization) it was scary though.

      I know what you mean although I’ve never read the Five Love Languages I’m pretty sure my language is touch followed closely by quality time.

  2. So HILARIOUS! And so true! I’ve literally had convos w/ friends regarding the very same cons of being single. Email me your contact info plz. I’d like to extend an invitation to you.

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