Man Cleanse (or lack of) update

So I wrote awhile back about three guys who were the exception to my mancation, which I’m failing at miserably BTW, and I thought I should give an update on all of them. I know you care. I’ll admit this post was really sparked by the weekend I spent with Mr. Off Limits but there actually been some going-ons with all of them.

First…the long time crush, Mr. Freshman, and I were actually speaking and seeing each other fairly often. I even thought… “Finally! Maybe this time we’ll give this a real go” but alas, he has moved out of state. So I guess even God has never wanted us to work out. He claims he’s going to miss me and all that, but I think I received one text since he’s been gone (about 2 weeks) so…ehh. Still I think we’ll always be friends and we’ll still have a fun those 1-2x’s a year we see each other. I am really excited though, I think I am FINALLY over him…like really over.

Second, the church guy (don’t think I ever gave him a name). As I mentioned in Out of the Blue he stepped up quick and hard, full court press for about a week, then I go out of town and it stops. I’ve even seen him at church a few times and there’s no more stopping me in the hallway for chit-chat, just a quick hey. However, about two weeks ago he hit me with the “How you doing ?” text and said he wanted to hook up. Again I was going out of town this past weekend so it was a no go. We’ll see if he follows up.

OK so what I really wanted to get to was Mr. Off Limits. For once I actually instigated something, I’m sorta proud of myself. All summer I’ve been joking with him about coming up for a visit to partake in one of his family’s cookouts. He always talks about how much fun they have. Anyway, I asked him if the fam was doing it up for Labor Day, he said yea, so I pretty much invited myself along. This is a big deal #1 because I invited myself along (out of character) and because we had previously never hung out alone. If you read Your Ex’s Friend then you know that we meet through a guy I was sort of dating, so anytime we’ve hung out it’s been in group settings (usually with the “ex” present). The weekend left me quite perplexed, if you want to know why you’ll have to check out my next post.

I also met a seemingly nice guy two weekends ago. A good friend of mine was in town for the weekend and I went to hang out with him, his cousin and a friend. Well his friend was attractive, interesting and funny. So we exchanged numbers. I hit him up this week to see when I was going to get my bike ride (he mentioned he had a motorcycle during our conversation). Again a big deal for me because I never initiate. Anyway, we are scheduled to go for that ride this weekend. 🙂

**this was written last week though just posted. The bike ride never happened but I did see him over weekend. That’s another post for another day.


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