“Maybe I’m Just a Mean Old Lady Like the Paperboy Said…”

I love the smart things Sophia says. She had a stroke to blame her bluntness on, I don

I’ve been told by more than a few people that I’m mean. I’ve never really thought too much about it, because I really think I’m fairly nice, I have several friends, blah, blah, blah…of course I’m biased.

A guy I met on twitter (and later in person) some time last year sent me a text out of the blue the other day. A random “Good morning. u crossed my mind. how are you stranger” text. I didn’t respond, I mean I don’t even really know him, we talked on twitter and then went out to dinner once and that was it. The contact had long ago stopped and I feel no need to make an effort to keep contact. He sent another one the next day that read “I know you were most likely too busy to respond to me yesterday, so I’m just going to stopping by to say hello. “Hello” Enjoy your week“. I didn’t respond to this either as I was sick that day, like called off from work sick. So guess what came next? A twitter DM that read “Did you change your cell number?”

Another case…A guy I dated briefly last year tried to FaceTime me one day recently. We hadn’t communicated since October of last year…I hit decline. He called few more times over the next couple of days. Each call declined, honestly I was out of a WiFi area (that you need to FaceTime) most of the time. However, even if i had been connected to WiFi I still would have declined. Finally he sends a text that says “Pick up”. I respond, a few hours later, “was busy”. The next day he called again called, I was out so I didn’t answer. Again a text followed“Pick up”

My problem with both of these scenarios is the guys cockiness. I feel like both of these guys just assumed I wanted to talk with them. Like it never crossed either of their minds that I was ignoring them purposely. The first went so far as to offer me an excuse, which is funny because I certainly wasn’t planning to give one. His DM threw me, I mean really if I don’t respond to your text you assume I must have change my number…silly wabbit.

With the second guy, I was annoyed that he texted to me say answer your phone. I mean if I didn’t answer it was probably because I either was busy or didn’t want to, either way a text (a rude one a that) isn’t going to encourage me to call you back. He also called multiple times in a row, a HUGE pet peeve of mine.

Since I’m sure most of you now think I’m totally crazy or just a b*tch, I will just assume I am in fact just a mean not quite old lady like the paperboy or some other random guy said. I agree that I could have simply texted the twitter guy back or I could have just pick up the phone with the other guy and for that I take the blame.

Readers….Help me be kinder. Was I wrong for no longer wanting any contact with either of these guys? Was I wrong for not responding to the text? or picking up the phone? Should I have told them I just had no interest in keeping contact with them? One guy seems to have me on his pool party/flag football announcement list and I never plan on attending any of these events, can I asked to be removed?

**As you can tell I really don’t care if I’m being mean, but I’m trying to be a kinder, gentler, friendlier Tip**



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