Time vs. Money

Balancing Act

I think it’s fair to say we’re all busy with work, working out, friends, family, dating, volunteering, blogging, side hustles, but the two things I think I have the hardest time balancing is time and money. I feel like I spend my time working to make money in order to do things (go on vacation, attend concerts, eat dinners out, watch a movie) that I never actually have time to do because I’m always working.

My mother once told me that she was always good in one area or the other but never mastered the art of having both, I guess like mother like daughter. Currently my life consists of a 40 hour work week at my career-job, 2-4 days a week at my part-time job, 2-3 days a month volunteering at my church and 1 evening every other week at my hair appointment. To this I am trying to add 2-3 days a week to working out with a trainer.

When I tried to add all of this up, I realized I just didn’t have enough time to do all of this. My first solution was to just give up on the personal training and just try it alone, I’ve done this before and had results, but deep down I know to achieve my long-term goals I’m going to need an extra push. Next I thought…well I’ll just quit my part-time job is pays minimum wage, eats up my week and it’s not as fun as it used to be. But then I realized that as little as hourly wage may be that does add up and allows be to make some frivolous purchases (like Watch the Throne tickets) without dipping into my actual salary. Next up was volunteering, I mean logically its taking up pay and provides no monetary rewards, but the thing is as underappreciated as I feel, I know I’m serving the house of the Lord and that He rewards me with a sense of satisfaction. And there’s no way to quit my career (I have bills to pay, duh!) and there’s now way I’m cutting out my hair appt.

So in short I could quit my PT job and have time to hit the gym, but no money to pay a trainer. I could give up on training and have all the time to put in hours at the part-time job, but I’ll be overweight from fast food, stress and lack of activity. I could give up on my committment to my church, but that just hardly seems right and wouldn’t give me much time back. The most logical thing would be to make more money at my career so that I could quit the part-time job so that I could have both more time and money, but that’s easier said than done.

So how do you balance it all? Do you have this problem? Which would you choose money or time?


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