Do nice guys really finish last?

So this will probably be a short post. Ladies, we’ve all heard guys say that we pass over the good guys for the bad boys. I’ve always argued that this isn’t true. Still the fellas always insist that “nice guys finish last”

Well, I just got in from a first date with one of the guys I met at The Man Hunt. He seemed like a nice guy at the event; walked me to my car, saw me off and called to make sure I got home. We’ve talked a couple of times after that on the phone and the conversation was lacking. Still I thought it best not to write him off, so today when he suggested dinner I thought “sure, why not?”

Well, I should have followed my first instinct. My hope that the awkward conversation was due to the lack of face to face interaction was quickly thwarted. The conversation proved just as uncomfortable as it was on the phone. There were some moments of silence where we just looked at each other. We talked more about the restaurant than anything else. He didn’t even ask some of the typical expected first date questions. I tried to ask open ended questions, and follow up his answers with another question, but eventually I got tired and just have in to the silence.

It’s like nothing clicked, even though I wished it did. He’s a teacher or a guidance counselor, a church goer, can sing, loves to cook, mentioned going to bible study, is handy, has a few sources of revenue and is mannerable. ALL great qualities, qualities of a great guy. He certainly received the best reviews from my friends (yeah, I posted the event pictures on facebook) of the guys I met at The Man Hunt.

Sadly there was no spark, no chemistry …talking to him felt like talking to my dad, a man of few words. I spent quite a bit of the evening thinking about how I was going to rush things along so I could get home and I felt guilty about it.

I left dinner wondering why didn’t I like him or at least have a hint of interest. Can it be true that nice guys really do finish last? Or was the chemistry just not there? or was this guy just boring?

Ladies, have you met some nice guys? do you usually end up with the bad boys? Does good guy = boring? Are bad boys just more exciting? are we attracted to the bad boy swagger? What is wrong with us?

Guys, do you believe good guys finish last? are you a good guy who has this complaint? Do you get tired of women complaining about not finding a good man, but passing you over? Are you a good guy gone bad? Has switching to the bad side helped you with the ladies?


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