Polar Opposites

Sunday I was at the grocery store, looking extra regular, when a guy approached me and asked for my number. (I really could write a post about how I don’t get that but Very Smart Brothas tried to explain that to me already, so i’m pretty sure I just won’t get it.) First of all, it’s weird (read: creepy) to me when men approach me out of the blue like that, but I guess thats how it usually happens. basically I’m the weird one

Anyway…surprisingly I gave him my number and he actually called me that evening, then again monday afternoon, and later that night night (twice), he texted tuesday morning, called tuesday afternoon and then again tuesday evening to suggest we meet up. My point is this guy is seemingly letting his interest based soley an a passing in the salad dressing aisle be known from jump. I’ve gotta respect that because well…I’m the one that always says “I wished men would play games” or “Tell me what you want from me”. It would be hypercritical of me to then say this guy needs to slow his role, but I have to admit its sorta strange that one can be so sure that you want to get to know someone off a chance meeting. He’s already dropped some odd hints like “you seem like the type to stay in on the weekend and just watch movies while eating popcorn with your boyfriend” or when I asked where he was from and he told me; I responded “I’ve never been there” and he replied “Don’t worry we can get married there”

Conversely, I meet a guy on twitter while participating in #MDMW (modern day matchmaker wednesday) and we tweeted back and forth for a while. He seemed interested and we kept saying we should meet up. After about a month* I gave up on us actually meeting even though he was still hitting me up on twitter. Finally we did have dinner (on a whim) and I thought things went well. Another month later a few texts have been exchanged and we still tweet but no second meeting has occured. Sure I know he could just “not be that into me” but when he does tweet me it often reads as “Hey good to hear from you? where have you been? why are you ignoring me?”. In actuality, I’m just following his lead.

Either way I seem to be guys that are either red hot or ice cold. WHAT GIVES??? Both seem to have there pros and cons.

Red Hot: On one hand I know persistance pays (I’ve already met up with grocery dude and have plans to meet with him tomorrow) but on the other you can come off desperate, needy or stalkerish.

Ice Cold: Aloof can be cool and some like the game playing/the unknown but you can easily be forgotten and replaced by the guy’s who’s red hot.

Ladies: Do you have a preference? Which is worse a guy who comes on to strong? or the guy who’s too laid back? At what point is the persistance creepy?

Men: How you navigate between coming on too strong and appearing disinterested?

*I really have no idea how much time actually elapsed, it seemed like a while

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