Confession: I attract crazies

I guess this is what he envisioned....too bad he was wrong

Like most all singles, sometimes I think about giving up on a dating and relationships. Mainly Partly because I’m a realist masquerading as a cynic who’s really an optimist, which basically means that I know I’m gonna date even though I assume it won’t work all the while secretly hoping this time is different. (YES I know this is a terribly conflicting approach, alas the life of split personality gemini.) Though this is true, I think it has more to do with the fact that I attract crazies!!! Why I attract crazies is a whole ‘nother post for another day. Sadly this isn’t a new trend, way back in high school a couple of friends and I named ourselves TBMs (trifling brotha magnets), so this is an ongoing problem.

This week I want to focus on three crazies I’ve meet over the last couple of years.


I was out at one of my regular spots on a Saturday night with a group of my girlfriends and this guy that I’d seen more than a couple of times at this venue asked for my number. I obliged, admittedly I was a lil tipsy, but I didn’t see any harm.

He calls the next day, I miss it, he leaves a voicemail, I call him back, he doesn’t answer and I leave a voice mail. After playing phone tag he starts texting. Early Monday morning I receive a good morning text, half stalker-ish/half sweet. Mid-morning he texted “What I was having for dinner tonight”…I thought this was weird and responded “dude, I haven’t had lunch yet. I have no clue what I’m having for dinner”. That afternoon via text he asked “do you want to hang out tonight” and I replied “Sure, what did ya have in mind?”. He said “the (NBA) finals are on tonight” and I say “great!”

When he started asking what side of town I lived on I assumed he was trying to select a destination that was convenient for me, I thought “that’s nice”. Those who know me know that the location of the batcave is heavily guarded (seriously I’ve dated a few guys for months who have never been invited over and can only pinpoint my location to the county don’t judge me I watch to much TV) . After some back and forth with my vague answers he finally puts it out there that he wants to come over and watch the game (no not The Game but an actual sports broadcast) at my place. o_O WTDTA?????

This is when I put two and two together and realize when we was asking me about my dinner it was because he thought it was gonna be for him too!!! GTFOHWTBS!!!!! Are you kidding me?!?!?

When I explained that he could not come over and suggested he select a nuetral location that invovled a crowd, he conceded that I could come to his place. Obviously he didn’t get it. SMH When I told him that he must have missed the after school special that explained safety in numbers and suggested a sports bar, he proceded to tell me that he and I quote “wasn’t trying to spend any money”. Wow!!! He couldn’t be more clear than that. That’s when our convo ended. I ran into this guy once later at that same spot, needless to say we didn’t speak.

My thoughts, questions really, about this whole scenario:

  1. Isn’t it always in bad taste to invite yourself anywhere? especially someone’s home? and add to that someone you don’t even know?
  2. Am the crazy one? I’m just asking because by the ease of which he suggested this and the surprise he expressed when I told him no, I can only imagine some woman he had just meet had actually let him come over and cooked him dinner as their first “date”. Do women do this? Am I paranoid?
  3. Why are you trying to “date” me if you don’t have any money? yes I know the answer, he wasn’t trying to “date” me in the first place?
  4. GUYS: Would you ever tell a woman flat out that you’re not spending any money on her?!? Did me being tipsy when he first approached give him the impression I was easy? Even though he’d seen me many other times very sober?
  5. Stay tuned for more bad dating stories this week. There will be at least two more (for wed and thurs), but I may do a post a day this week. It just depends on what stories I remember. Happy Monday!!! Start the week off great!


One comment on “Confession: I attract crazies

  1. Lol at TBM. I had forgotten all about that yet I rememeber that we were gonna write a book, “The Ex-Men” about our crazy exes. It is an unfortunate phenomenon, the crazies, that is. I have a theory. I think people don’t know how to date and more to the point, don’t know how to act in general. And yes, some woman, in these tough dating times, in order to try to snag a mate, has invited a man to her home or gone to his and cooked for him and probably more on “date” number one. Sad but true. These are the times we live in. Sigh, SMH.

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