Move —- Get out the way!!!

Get outta my way

I had a different topic in mind for today’s post and worked on it for a while until I realized that it wasn’t flowing the way I wanted. So I’m going to go another silly easy to write route…Pet Peeves, we all have them, those little things about others that just drive us insane. Speaking of driving, we all seem to think we’re great drivers and are totally annoyed by all those other drivers on the road that make our commute challenging.

A couple of weeks ago I took advantage of a defensive driving class offered at work and I realized during our class discussions that I suffer from a slight case of road rage. It was also confirmed when I “failed” the safe drivers quiz. Ooops! Certain pet peeves tend to ignite this rage. Like to hear em?? here they go!

1. Drivers who turn from the wrong lane.

Rights from the left turn lane, lefts from the thru, rights from thru…I just don’t understand the difficultly of deciding where you wanna go before you approach an intersection? And if you happen to change your mind at the last minute please drive to the next intersection and make a u-turn instead of turning on your blinker and holding up a line of traffic that actually chose the correct lane 1/2 a mile back.

2. Drivers who block interestions

I frequent an intersection that is constantly blocked during afternoon rush hour. I understand that the intersection is over capacity and you’re tired of waiting, but you sitting in the middle of the interestion blocking me from my destination doesn’t get you thru the light any faster…or safer, since you’re in the travel path of a backup of cars that now have the green light. Sometimes I wish I had a big old school Sanford and Sons truck so I could just ram right into them.

3. Drivers who drive slow in the fast lane

This needs no explanation, we all despice these drivers that inflict their law abiding tendencies on us by forcing us to do the speed limit. Once my mom said she wanted an Inspector Gadget car so she could say “Go,Go, Gadget flipper!!!” and a big spatula would come out the front of her car and it would scoop up that car up and flip it out of her way…I agree.

4. Elderly drivers in rush hour traffic

Personally, I think it should be a law that people over the age or 65 can only drive during the hours of 9am-2pm during the winter and possibly add 7pm-9pm during the summer months, much like these new graduated permit system for teens. This is actually more of a true concern than a pet peeve….hmmmm nope thats a lie! I really need these old people to get out of my way I’m either trying to get to work, to the gym, to a hair appointment…somewhere and grandpa is out slowing down traffic and endagering his life for a joy ride. NEWSFLASH your calendar is open…you have ALL day to run errands, visit your friends at the neighboring “home”, play bingo at the church or refill your prescriptions.

5. Drivers that pace each other.

I’m sure this has happened to you. You’re driving along a 2-3 lane road/highway and the cars in front of you are going the same speed creating a rolling roadblock. WHY do they do this? are the friends? Ate they flirting? Are they holding a conversation through the window…what? I don’t get! I don’t care if you are speeding or not! I don’t want you two banding together deciding my speed. One of y’all pass the other dang! Driving like y’all scurred or something. SMH

What about you guys? What are you biggest pet peeves on the road? do you suffer from road rage?


2 comments on “Move —- Get out the way!!!

  1. This is right up my road-raging alley. Here are my top three pet peeves of the road.

    1. Where’s the fire? Oh there isn’t one: People who turn out onto the street with such urgency that they cut you off and then go 2 miles an hour really get on my nerves. Really? You pulled out of Burger King like a bat out of hell and then you creep out in front of me. Where’s the fire that was lit under you a few seconds ago?

    2. What part of “Slower traffic keep right” don’t you understand?: If you keep getting passed on the right or when people are barreling down the road behind you and have to come to a screeching stop, why do you insist on driving in the left lane, commonly known as the fast lane?

    3. Who’s passing whom?: Then there are those who like to start a tic for tac game of cat and mouse. They pass you in the fast lane only to get back in front of you driving slow, so now you are forced to pass them and so on until one of you either speeds up ahead far enough or slows down considerably to end the game. In these instances I’m always using my cruise control so my speed is consistent; what’s your deal? I’m not trying to race you and your wasting gas and killing your car speeding up and slowing down so much. It’s a known fact; cruise control saves on gas (just saying).

    • I love your #1,. Great addition.

      A variation of that is the driver that stuttersteps then pulls out at the last minute o_O (I’m still talking bout driving). If you had to second guess the first time if you had enough room, what makes you think there’s more space 5s later during which I’ve traveled 73 ft*?!

      * assuming I’m traveling 50mph -yeah I’m a nerd!

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