Where does the day go?


As I sit here on my sofa watching The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and typing this blog, I’m wondering “What happened to my day?”. I mean really, I don’t think I accomplished anything today. I’m always amazed by those organized busy body types that conquer the world daily. Seriously, I have no idea how they do it!

My morning started off hectic, I overslept, forgot my work badge, etc… I could blame the downfall of the day to the poor start, but I’m never as productive as I’d like. Somehow the day always gets away from me. Here’s my day:

6:35 Woke up (late)

6:35-7:00 Hurriedly got ready

7:00-7:25 Commute

7:25-7:30 Arrived at parking garage and frantically searched for my ID badge to no avail

7:30-7:35 Drove around to a cheaper daily parking lot

7:35-7:45 Waited for two idiots to figure out how to use the Pay Here box

7:45-8:00 Walked to office

8:00-4:30 WORK

4:30-4:45 Walked back to car

4:45-5:20 Commute home

5:20-5:25 Checked mail

5:25-7:15 Relaxed, watched tv and worked on my new pet project (a collaborative blog by my 4 best friends from childhood and I)

7:15-8:00 Got dressed and drove to the gym

8:00-9:00 Body Sculpting Class

9:0o-10:00 Hip Hop Class

10:00-10:30 Drove around confused trying to select something fast food that wouldn’t undo all my time at the gym

10:30-11:00 Watched my DVR’d episode of tonight’s The Game

11:00-11:30 Showered

11:30- current Writing this blog

So my point, in that long drawn out time-lapse of my day, is that the only things I accomplished today were some work on my new blog and some gym time. SIGH! I didn’t get to anything on my to do list…like put up my laundry, plan next weeks workouts, call my mom, etc…

As a single person I’m always hearing how lucky I am to have so much free time since I lack the responsibilities that come along with a husband and kids. My first reaction is usually, what free time? Now granted, I know my day is a breeze compared to the day of a parent (kudos to you guys BTW) but I still don’t feel like I usually have a surplus of time. Today was a pretty easy day (sans the morning delay), but the days when I work my part-time job, volunteer at my church, run some errands or have a hair appt are just a waste. Sure I could’ve ran to the grocery store or put up my laundry in those two hours i was sitting on my sofa watching the TV, but in my defense I was multitasking by working on the new blog which I was going to have to fit in the day somewhere. Basically after working and 8 hr day and trying to hit the gym, I feel like I only have time to tackle 1-2 more things and my to do list is always 8-10 items long.

Sometimes I wonder do truly productive people ever sleep? I know most go-getters/hustlers will say “You can sleep when your dead” but really how do you function with no sleep? As it is I only average 6 hrs night, I can’t imagine running off of less. The only other thing I can think of is these people have no downtime. Personally, I like to have an hour (or more) out of the day that I can just sit and chill, watch tv, randomly surf the web, play with my doggie, etc. I dunno maybe I’m selfish or just plain lazy…

Ok guys, I vowed to make 2011 a great year!!! You gotta help me out, I’ve got too much to do and we’re already a month and a half in. Am I the only one that feels this way? If so, what am I doing wrong? How do you make the most of your day? Are you a planner? or do you just take the day as it comes?

*logging off at 1:05 after proofreading this post. I’ve gotta get some sleep…5 1/2 hours max at this point.


3 comments on “Where does the day go?

  1. I only sleep for about an average of 4 hours a night, then catch up a little on the weekends. After a while you get used to it though!

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