More Men Want to Be Fathers

Yesterday while cruising my Timeline on Twitter I was curious about a link retweeted by Wise Diva. The retweet read “A new survey of American singles finds that modern men are more likely than women to want children…”

The article, Gender Flip, summarized the results of a survey of 5000 singles. The one statistic I want to focus on is: 24% of childless single men report wanting children, compared to just 15% of childless single women.*

My first thought I while reading the article was “Duh, look at the study pool!” The participants were selected from It seems to reason that the percentage of men that desire to have children would be greater within a subset of men whose desire to date has led them to join a dating site, than say….any Joe Blow off the street.I think it would stand to reason that a person who is actively seeking a relationship would be more interested in reproducing than the general population filled with commitment-phobes, players, career driven workaholics, etc… I would imagine that if you took the survey Jaywalking style (you know when Jay Leno stands on a corner and quizzes passersby) that the numbers may change but then again maybe not.

After all the study was not shocked by the percentages of singles that desired children,which seemed low to me, but rather that the percentage was higher in men than women. My answer to this is “Ha! Of course they do! Why wouldn’t they be? I wouldn’t mind having a kid either, if I could be a father”. Now, I’m sure this is not a popular theory, but men just aren’t as affected by a child as women. Before you men (if any of you are reading this) get all up in arms, I know there are some GREAT fathers that are involved in every aspect of their child’s life, a couple single fathers that are both mommy and daddy, a couple that are more involved than the mother, but at the end of the day mothers usually carry the bulk of the burden. My momma always told me not to have more children than I can take care of by myself.

Disagree, let’s think about it. The woman carries the baby, births the baby, feeds the baby (mainly), and wakes up with the baby. She’s the one that has to take off work to care for the baby, putting her career on hold. She’s usually** the one that has to take off work to take the child to doctors appointments, nurse the child back to heath when he/her is sick, attend parent teacher conferences etc…

Perhaps the numbers could be attributed to the primal urge men have to reproduce seed. I mean if they didn’t would God have promised Abraham that he would be the father of many nations. SN: This is also the reason I choose to believe that men end up having 6 kids by 7 different women. I mean I’m not sure Sarah was as hard pressed to have a son. Just look Genesis 18:12 So Sarah laughed to herself as she thought, “After I am worn out and my lord is old, will I now have this pleasure?” Basically I think she was over it!

Do you think that more men than women desire to have a child? If so, why? and If no, why not?

Here’s a summary of the rest of the results taken from the USA article:

  • Men were significantly more likely to say they had experienced love at first sight (54% vs. 44%)
  • All age groups of single women reported seeking more independence in their romantic relationships than men
  • More women said personal space (77% vs. 58%) is “very important”
  • More women said that having their own personal hobbies and interests (78% vs. 64%) is “very important.”
  • Women were also more likely (35% vs.23%)  to value girls’ nights than men did boys’ nights.

FYI: The 5,199 singles surveyed include the never married (56%), divorced (31%), widowed (10%) and separated (3%) who were not in a serious relationship at the time.

* Am I the only one that thinks these percentages are low on both sides? And that 9% is nothing to really speak of?

**Doctors appointment were always my dads job, my mom couldn’t deal with us crying and blood and stuff. So again YES I know some involved dads.


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